LIBRAZIONE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY (which has recently acquired RicercAzione cooperative) has been developing, its activities since 1985, in Emilia-Romagna, a region of about 4 millions of inhabitants, in the North of Italy.

Librazione currently has 36 members and about 90 workers/collaborators, mainly psychologists, educators, sociologists and socio-cultural operators.

It collaborates with Public Administration, Regional Council, Universities, at a local, national and European level, and has taken part in several EU projects.

Librazione operates by favoring an approach of social investigation giving prevalence to the reading of needs and a constant construction of projects to improve the critical situations detected.

It pursues the objective of research-intervention that finds its realization through innovative project proposals that work in the direction of social participation, sociability, subsidiarity and mutuality. It operates in the following areas:

GUIDANCE AND GROWTH: information, guidance and counselling services for young people (job, training, education, free time, culture, civil service); promotion of entrepreneurship; European mobilities and EU or foreign programmes consulting; promotion of well-being and health.


SOCIO-EDUCATIONAL AND PSYCHO-SOCIAL: prevention services for the adolescents (psycho-pedagogical interventions aimed at minors at risk; socio-animative interventions; socio-educational interventions aimed at multi-problematic families).


GENDER EQUALITY: information, guidance and psychological support services for women; anti-violence centers; workshops on gender issues; consultancy for the promotion of time balance and equal opportunities in companies.


CULTURE AND TERRITORY: library services; cultural centers; community development interventions; realization of artistic and cultural workshops; cultural events.



PROMOTION AND CARE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING: psychological counseling, family mediation.


INTERCULTURALITY: information services for foreign citizens; linguistic and cultural mediation; community projects for the integration of women and children.


COMMUNITY AND INCLUSION: support services for dependents and their families; social housing; information services to the citizen; accompaniment to job placement. 


SOCIAL INNOVATION: social research and evaluative research; consultancy on design, on corporate welfare, on innovation in the organization and services.

Librazione is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. It is qualified as a Reception Institution of the Universal Civil Service; as an organization and sending body, within the framework of the Community Program Youth – Action 2 – European Voluntary Service, at the National Youth Agency; it is registered in the Register of Associations and Bodies of the General Directorate of Immigration and Integration Policies of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies and in the National Register of school-work alternation paths with high school institutes in the province of Ravenna.

Coop. Librazione is a sending, hosting, and coordinating organisation in the Erasmus + and ESC actions.

It has been operating for years within European policies, carrying out various activities related to raising awareness of the concept of citizenship in the local community, especially among the younger generations and to safeguard cultural heritage of minorities and women rights.

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